Thank you so much for your guidance, patience, teaching and inspiration. We have seen Sofia’s skill and confidence grow, and it is all thanks to you.
— Robert Mitas, Parent


What Is Involved?

  • Basic Music Theory

  • Proper Breathing Technique

  • Vocal Scales, Warm Ups and Diction

  • Sight Singing

  • Sol Feg Names and Symbols

  • Individual Song Selection and Audition Prep

  • I accompany you on piano, guitar or a backing track

  • Professional Video with Quality Lighting, Camera and Editing and/or Recitals (Used for Reels, Auditions, Etc)



What Is Involved?

  • Individual Monologue and/or Commercial Selection

  • Working With the Camera and the Audience

  • Character Development

  • Breaking Down Scenes

  • Audition Prep

  • Professional Video with Quality Lighting, Camera, and Editing (Used for Reels, Auditions, Etc)


Please CONTACT ME if you’re interested in learning more information! I'd love to work with you! I work with all ages, budgets and individual needs.

Kim Miner

Sofia Mitas