He Ain’t You (H. Constant)

If I told him that my heart’s not his

Would he know it’s been true since the day that we met

If I was finally honest

Start breaking my promise just like I knew I would


He doesn’t like runnin’ in the rain and kissin’ in the grass and watchin’ those fireflies dance

He can’t tell me what it’s like to stargaze at night and reach out and grab my hand

Woah, he’s got his good side too

But darlin’ he ain’t you

When I drove around town last night

I saw ghosts of you under every street light

You’re still on every corner

Wish I could somehow warn her that girl I used to be


I should have told you

I never should have run

How did we get here

Don’t you know you’re the only one

Wise Words (H.Constant)

I told my darlin’ momma I was movin’ to the West Coast

I barely gave her notice, but she still let me go

I told her I was scared and asked if things would be alright

She looked into my eyes and said “girl, you’re gonna shine”


Just like my momma told me I’ve been doin’ a-okay

And even though I struggle all my worries melt away

When I walk into the night and see the stars above my head

Just thinkin’ of my momma and all those wise words she said

She said don’t forget your family and patience is a virtue

And never take for granted, the gifts that God gave you

Be aware of your surroundings and always try to smile

The world will try to knock you down, but you’ll be here for a while


Momma you’re so beautiful inside and out

We’re gonna be just fine oh of that I have no doubt

We’ll pull through like we always do, just like we were destined

I love you way up to the sky more than you can imagine


No  (H.Constant)

I know you feel something

But I can’t just wait for you

And I know you’re still hurting

But what good does it do you?

You’re like water just waiting to boil

You’re like a flower still stuck in the soil, oh

Life keeps moving but you wave it on by

And I’m really sorry but I’m done asking why, oh

Chorus: Take one last look at what you could have had

You won’t say it but you got it bad, for me

You ain’t movin’ so I’ll prob’ly go

You ask me if I can stay, well the answer is no

I’ve given way to many chances for you to take

So why do I keep fishing when you won’t just take the bait

You’re like a car but the gas pedal’s broken

I’m at the arcade, but you won’t take my token, oh

You’re like a fire that only gives smoke

Feel like I just got paid, but I’m still broke


Bridge: No you can’t have what you’re too afraid to ask for

And no, I won’t settle for only half of your heart

Yes, you can meet me at my throne

But you should have known I was a queen from the start

Take one last look at what you could have had

You should prob’ly say it cuz you got it bad


Same Ol Same (H.Constant)

Sittin on the porch just snapping green beans

Waiting for the fields to turn so green

Momma’s in the kitchen cookin too much corn pudding

And daddy’s in the yard just rakin and mowin


Same ol same in ol Virginia

Same ol same as it ever was

Nothin’s changed in ol Virginia

But it’s where I come from

The ladies workin hard just cookin in the kitchen for the pickin party on Friday night

We’ll see how many people show up this time cuz of small town drama someone got in a fight

The folks gettin drunk at the bar last night, are the same folks at church trying to teach me what’s right

Momma puts a rose on her mom and daddy’s grave, well they ain’t missin much just the same ol same


Laura Lee and momma at the antique shop 

Gosspin and laughin til the sun comes up

Betty Rae’s havin two more kids and Bobby Jean’s addicted

Never saw it comin wish someone did

They ask her how I’m doin down in old Nashville, 

She says I’m fightin for my singin and I always will



There’s a dollar store at the stop light now

Big ol change for this small town

There’s a winery across from the trailer park

Oh on my soul it’s left its mark


Roses and Guitars (H.Constant)

It’s not all roses and guitars

Sometimes a town leaves scars

And it’s not always easy to go

You plant your seed somewhere

You start over if you dare

But it’s not all roses and guitars

Sometimes you’ll feel selfish

Most times you’ll feel foolish 

For thinking that you knew what was best

But there’s a light on the horizon

If you choose to set your eyes on

The things you’ve learned so far

But it’s not all roses and guitars

And even though you make it

Your only job to fake it

You’re so tired of being kind at heart

You might feel like shutting down

And closing everyone out

Because the wine is better company than they are

Oh it’s not all roses and guitars

Wake Up From You (H.Constant)

What would you do if I said I wanna touch you

What would you do if I said I need you now

What would you do if I moved a little closer

Would you tell me to go or would you not make a sound


Cuz I gotta be real, I gotta be honest

Lovin’ the way I feel when I’m next to you

Tell me you’re feelin’ this or maybe I’m dreamin’

And if I am, I don’t wanna wake up from  you

Show me all the ways that you say you wanna love me

Whisper in my ear all the things you wanna do 

Cuz I don’t even care right now I’m in the moment

So don’t tell me to go, no don’t make a sound


Don’t you wanna know how far this can go

Don’t you wanna see how good we can be

Do you really want to wake up from me?

Chorus X2

Come Back and See Me (H. Constant)

I don’t correct people when they think we’re related

I never tell them we don’t share blood

The more I think about it

You’re closer than some family ever was


So if you wanna come back, know my heart is open

And if you wanna reach out, my hand could use some holding

I know I go back and forth with being at peace

But if you want to, come back and see me

We made fairytales come alive in your backyard

Watch the sun go down on those blue swings

I couldn’t wait to get home

Now I’m not sure that I’d ever leave


Time is a black and white photo

And you freeze it frame by frame

Then when it gets broken

You can’t stay the same